Our Farm

Vienna Hill Farm started out as an initiative to produce more wholesome and sustainable food for our own family. From the start we always ended up with enough to share with our neighbors and friends, so we decided to expand our production to the point where we have enough extra that we can participate in local farm markets. We plan to expand our offerings more each year, as we are lucky enough to have the room on our property.

Since we primarily produce for our own consumption, our friends and neighbors can rest assured that they are getting the highest quality products we are able to produce. We constantly research our seed and feed sources and strive for continous improvement.

Our Products

We currently produce a limited number of eggs from our free range flock. We plan on increasing our flock in the spring of 2013, since our demand currently exceeds our ability to supply all of our customers.

We have plenty of room for gardens, so we are actively expanding our production of fruits and vegetables. We planted an apple orchard in 2012. For 2013, we have tilled a new sweet corn field double the size of our current field, and will be using our current corn plot to greatly expand our produce variety. Look for many new varieties in the future

We will be offering baked goods made with our fresh eggs and produce on a seasonal basis too

We will also be offering custom built 55 gallon rain barrels that can be easily tied together to allow large amounts of rainwater collection and storage. Barrels are fitted with standard garden hose connections, and have custom lids for the main (collection) barrel and the add-on storage barrels. Stay tuned for more details.